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The world is getting ready for the future. Are you? IT Space can help you to achieve real innovation, growth and competitive advantage.

Our business model is simple. It is our passion to ensure that business can thrive thanks to Information Technology, not in spite of! Sadly, all too often this is not the case.

Even the very experienced have proven that successful IT implementations (on budget, on time, to requirements, future-proof, maintainable, modern, user friendly…. the list goes on) are few and far between and demand all-round professionals to pull it all together.

IT Space Stockholm offers just this service. We stand with on leg in the Business world, and one leg in the IT world with significant and relevant expertise in both.

Hire one of our consultants on an hourly basis or purchase a packaged delivery to your requirements and timeframe, we are the ideal partner through the stormy seas our clients encounter when changing their IT landscape.

The philosophy of a company will determine whether its deliverables are successful in the long run. Philosophy separates success from failure, timeliness from delay, satisfaction from frustration and earning from wasting.

During difficult times in IT projects – and there always are – the philosophy will drive staying power, insight, creativity, teamwork and all the other forces to stay on track. A strong philosophy drives routines and discipline to create an environment of calm, focus, knowledge and belief.

Without philosophy, errors in judgement compound into failure. Failure is not a single, cataclysmic event. We don’t fail overnight. This is why we put our philosophy on a pedestal and refer to it every day.

IT projects are usually not completed on a Friday afternoon between meetings. They require analysis, planning, resourcing, commitment, tracking, anchoring, implementation and communication.

None of the above will deliver the desired result if the underlying values of the team are not in place. We understand that sound values are the cornerstone of any business.

Our company will enable organizations to maximize and leverage Information Technology.

We believe in a practical, down to earth, result-oriented, structured approach which focuses on facts, courage, urgency and realism combined with the courage to aim high.

Over 20 years in the business
Over 35 Successful Projects
Over 1000 Networked IT Professionals
Over 1.000.000 Satisfied End Users

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Projects of Interest

Build of a brand new customer portal for a major Telco in the UK, millions of customers logged in on a state of the art website, without any problems.
Design & build of Manufacturing IT platform to support all factory processes with state of the art customer interface and latest technology.
Projects are usually delivered in partnership with the best talents and recent expertise. Recent projects were delivered successfully with partners from India, Poland, Estonia, Lettland, France, Germany, Netherlands, UK.

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